The Lou Kosma Conductor’s Fund


This Fund was initiated by the late Martin K. Miller, music lover and attender of VP concerts for many decades. Marty’s observation of the musical growth of the orchestra under the leadership of Lou Kosma over the last 20 years confirmed for him the importance of having an outstanding professional musician holding the baton. With this in mind and to honor Lou Kosma, he established this dedicated fund, separate from the operational budget of the orchestra, which will be used by Lou and all future conductors.

1 – For expenditures to give the conductor more latitude in selecting soloists, music rentals, commissions for new music, and other similar items that will give the conductor more freedom to pursue his artistic goals for the orchestra. These will directed by the conductor with the approval of the board of directors.

2 – For expenditures initiated by the board for the benefit of the conductor (with the conductor’s agreement).