Job Opening - Administrator

Vermont Philharmonic Administrator

Position Description

The Vermont Philharmonic requires a part time administrator. The Vermont Philharmonic is a community orchestra with about 65 professional and amateur musicians and a professional conductor. It plays 11 concerts per year. About one half of the concerts are at the Barre Opera House in Barre,Vermont, but the remainder are in varying locations throughout central and northern Vermont. Example locations are Greensboro, Randolph, Colchester and North Hero.

The Administrator of the Vermont Philharmonic is responsible for many of the routine operational functions of the orchestra. The principal responsibility is arranging venues and other details of the concerts. This includes:

  • working with the board president and our conductors on the identification and
  • scheduling of venues for both rehearsals and concerts
  • negotiation and administration of contracts for the use of those venues
  • coordinating all logistics for the concerts. This includes organizing volunteers for ticket
  • collection, ushering, etc. where not already provided by the venue. A stage manager
  • will be available for moving equipment and instruments, and for stage set up. The
  • administrator supervises the stage manager.
  • working with the VP treasurer to handle and account for all proceeds of the concerts.

The administrator is expected to be present at all concerts and to insure that all rehearsal venues are operational. At some venues, no set up will be required, but for most venues chairs, stands and large percussion instruments have to be moved into place before the rehearsal and stored after the rehearsal. Orchestra members and/or the stage manager will handle the actual setup and teardown, but the administrator is responsible for making the appropriate arrangements with the venue, stage manager and the board member who is the orchestra representative. Any potential problems should be communicated as early as possible to the board president.

The administrator is also responsible other business matters, including:

  • arranging for maintenance of equipment
  • maintenance of files on actions taken by the administrator
  • liaising with guest soloists and collaborating organizations
  • providing VP statistics to the board as needed

The administrator currently keeps records of individual donations and is responsible for generating thank you letters. He/she is not responsible for other fund raising activities.

The administrator is expected to attend all regular board meetings, of which there are currently 4 per year.

The administrator reports to the president of the Vermont Philharmonic, but interfaces routinely with the staff and members of the board of directors, as needed.

The administrator will be expected to work from their home, and have transportation to all Vermont

Philharmonic functions. 

The administrator will be expected to have adequate cell phone and internet service.The position is part time, requiring about 550 hours per year. The amount of time per week will vary and will be concentrated just prior to and during concert weekends. For a typical concert schedule, see

Most donations are received in the fall, so recording of the donations will be concentrated in that period.


The position requires a college degree or equivalent experience. Some experience in the kinds of duties outlined above is essential, and preference will be given to those who have held similar administrative positions. The ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel is required.


The salary is $9,000 per year. The Vermont Philharmonic is an equal opportunity employer.

Questions regarding the position should be directed to Michael Read, president, at 802 223-9855 or Applications should be sent by email to the same address.